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CAP3: Contig Assembly Program

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Fragments File : please enter either :
  1. the name of a file:

    Please input the sequence in Fasta format or silkworm Gene ID.

    Notes:If you input Gene ID, the line must start with "BmID:", and gene name must suffix with "-TA" to indicates this sequence is nucleotide, and suffix with "-PA" indicates it is protein peptides.

    For example, BmID:BGIBMGA012615-PA,BGIBMGA012616-PA,BGIBMGA012617-PA
  2. or the actual data here:

Some explanations about the options

Main parameters
enter either the name of a file or the actual data
if you are using Netscape 2.x or later, you can select a file by typing its name, or better, by selecting it with the Netscape file browser (Browse button)
OR you can type your data in the next area, or cut and paste it from another application.
(but not both)

Sequence format
The sequence will be automatically converted in the format needed for the program
providing you enter a sequence either:
in plain (raw) sequence format or in one of the following known formats:
You may enter in the text area a database entry code, or an accession number, in this form: