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BioDBP is a database system and platform, which is designed for storing, sharing and analyzing biological data of silkworm, mulberry, microorganisms and other organisms, as well as develping peplines and tools for bioinformatics and experimental analysis.

BioDBP is a collaborative project and developed by scientists from professional fields of Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Genomics, Bioinformatics and Computer Science. Please CONTACT US if you have any questions and suggestions. LEARN MORE ABOUT US .

What's New

Date Title Content
Oct/18/2019 SilkOrganDB - Silkworm Organelle Proteome Database

SilkOrganDB is a resource for proteomics of silkworm organelles. SilkOrganDB provides not only functional annotation of organelle proteins, but also extensive information for gene ontology and protein domains, as well tools for browsing, searching and analyzing data.

Feb/06/2019 The PamulDB paper is accepted for publication in DATABASE. The PamulDB paper titled "PamulDB: a comprehensive genomic resource for the study of human- and animal-pathogenic Pasteurella multocida" has been accepted for publication in DATABASE.
Feb/27/2018 The New BioDB Portal. Welcome to the new BioDB portal, which is completely redesigned with the newest web technology for accessing the website more easy.