PamulDB - Pasteurella multocida Database

A Comprehensive Resource for Pasteurella multocida Genomics

Version: 1.2


PamulDB - Pasteurella multocida Database

What is PamulDB?

PamulDB is a comprehensive resource for Pasteurella multocida genomics and comparative genomics. PamulDB implements and integrates Drupal for web content management, Chado for genome data management, and bioinformatics tools like NCBI BLAST, HMMER, PSORTb and OrthoMCL for data analysis. PamulDB provides researchers not only functional annotation of genes and gene products, but also extensive information for gene family, phylogeny, gene ontology, protein domains and subcellular localizations, as well tools for browsing, searching and analyzing data.

PamulDB Data Sources

To date, there are 168 genomes of P. multocida strains have been released in NCBI Genome Resource, including four genomes from strains of CQ2, CQ6, B and F, which were sequenced and submitted by our laboratory. The 168 P. multocida strains are composed of 3 gallicida subspecies, 14 septica subspecies, 44 multocida subspecies and 107 strains without subspecies information. Meanwhile, 42 strains have been serotyped into eight serovars, A, A1, A3, A5, B, B2, D and F. At present, PamulDB has recorded 12 214 genomic assemblies, 346 277 genes, 339 362 proteins and 6 916 non-coding RNAs (tRNA and rRNA) for the 168 P. multocida strains.

PamulDB Maintainance

The PamulDB is maintained by Southwest University (SWU), China. We keep on collecting and adding new species, omics data, experimental data of Pasteurella multocida to PamulDB. We welcome people to share their data with PamulDB, as well as suggestions and advices on how to improve the PamulDB. Any questions please contact us.